Ryan Cunningham, founder of Cunningham Energy, plans to take advantage of the untapped oil and gas reserves in West Virginia. Cunningham’s business strategy is simple: lower risk and expenses by focusing on geographical regions which yielded profitable results in the past, but still hold demonstrably capacious, largely untouched reservoirs of oil and gas.

This May was the hottest on Earth

From The Guardian: Last month was the hottest May globally since records began in 1880, new figures show. The record heat, combined with increasingly certain predictions of an El Niño, means experts are now speculating whether 2014 could become the hottest year on record. Data published by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on
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Crabs killing Northeast saltmarshes, study confirms

A marathon summer of field work by Mark Bertness, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, and a squadron of students may finally help settle the heated debate about what’s killing the coastal saltmarshes of southern New England and Long Island.

Global Energy Production

Natural gas is odorless, lighter than air, and is usually found underground in close proximity to petroleum. Independent oil and gas producer Cunningham Energy works like other independent energy providers to offer efficient and forefront energy solutions.

Goodbye, Bed Bugs

Initially, I thought I was losing my mind and imagining the small red bites/ bumps, which were all over my body. I always used to joke about bed bugs and pretend to search unfamiliar beds for the little pests, but I didn’t actually think I would ever encounter them. As soon as the red bumps
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Hoop Tunnels & Cold Frames for Winter Gardening

When seasons change, it can be difficult to maintain a garden’s produce. Although we can store canned vegetables or buy them at the grocery during the cold months, there is no substitute for freshly picked vegetables from your own backyard. However, with the use of hoop tunnels and cold frames, it is possible to successfully
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