Acquiring Office Space In The Famous Buildings Of New York

Office space in the most-iconic buildings of New York is a dream come true for the forward-minded businessman in the city. The iconic buildings everyone has seen in television and movies are used daily to run businesses, and business owners must invest in these buildings when they believe them the best investment. This article offers the story of shopping for iconic real estate that has been visited by dignitaries, heads of states, famous business people and celebrities.

#1: The World Trade Center

The World Trade Center was once the most brilliant and highest of the peaks in New York. Numerous companies worked out of both towers, and it was a dream for several companies to move there. Their loss struck a large blow to the industry of the city, but the Freedom Tower that has taken its place serves just as well to offer iconic office space to renters.

#2: The Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building has been home to many companies including Chrysler since it was built long ago. It has its own image, and it features in several movies and TV shows. Large companies move into the suites, and small companies have used the building for years to mark their upward climb in their field. Paying rent in the building is a sign that a company has been successful to that point.

#3: Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is likely the most-famous building in the world. The building was purchased by Anthony Malkin, and it has been mentioned so often in popular culture that everyone knows its name. It has ensured movies begin and end well, and tenants are in the building every day working as the tours are offered. The observation deck is a fine bonus for a company that moves in, and tenants often stay for life because they feel they have reached the pinnacle.

#4: New York Real Estate Maintains Its Price

New York real estate maintains its price because it has the name and prestige to offer. Every client who enters an iconic in the building will be seduced by the name of the building, and the rent is well-worth the price given how well-known the building is. No one misses the building when they walk past, and finding the building is simple for even a tourist. A company that ensures it is in an iconic building is ensuring its name lands in the history books with other tenants of famous NYC buildings.