Cities You Wouldn’t Expect to Have Community Gardens

When it comes to community gardens, you typically think of cities in the Pacific Northwest, such as Portland, Seattle and others. However, there are actually many other cities that are developing community gardens, some of which are incredibly urban, making them the last location you would expect to find a garden. However, with some land opening up, you are going to find these community gardens open up more and more around the country, as it gives locals the ability to enjoy fresh produce and restaurant owners the ability to cook and create delicious selections of food with locally grown products.

Detroit, Michigan
When it comes to Detroit, there are all sorts of different images that might pop into your head. There is the big three motor companies, the recent bankruptcy of the city, the blight that has taken place in the city due to urban decay. However, it is also one of the cities on the forefront of urban farming. With so much land becoming open throughout the city as the local government razes buildings that have abandoned for some time, larger and larger gardens and even farms are starting to develop. Detroit is continually looking for ways to reinvent itself, and one way it has done so is through the community gardens and local farms, located right in the middle of the city.

Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland is another member of the Rust Belt that took a major hit due to the once failing auto industry. While not as severe as Detroit, Cleveland has also shrunk in size, but there is more to the city than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Browns. You are going to find community gardens throughout the city that help provide fresh vegetables and fruits to homes looking for food and to restaurants as well. All of these different garden options make it easier for individuals living in the downtown area to obtain fresh produce that they might not have had the ability to access.

Chicago, Illinois
Chicago is somewhat different from the gardens you are going to find in Detroit and Ohio. Chicago has continued to grow and remains the third largest city in the country. However, it has not prevented the development of community gardens on the top of buildings. Many skyscrapers are now converting their rooftop property into gardens for the residents to enjoy and till.

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