Creating A Cleaner Tomorrow With Green Energy

The Empire State Building is a very tall building in New York City. Many people like to go up to the observation deck at the top of the building. This provides them with a great view of the city, and it is a place that many people love to take pictures from. It is a landmark for many visitors to the city, and they spend time in the building enjoying its architecture and surroundings. Since it is a very high building, there have been various suicide attempts from the observation deck. Over thirty at least, and all but two of the attempts were successful. In later years, the fence was put up around the observation deck to prevent people from jumping. The building is 103 stories and it used to be the tallest building in the world.

The president and CEO, Anthony Malkin (See more here), decided to get a team together to use 8 different strategies that would lower the operating costs of the building and use green energy. He is a leader in developing plans that can save money and allow the building to use green energy ideas. The team did a fantastic job, and the building is much more operational than it used to be. One of the jobs was to make the windows less costly to save on the energy bills. The way that they did the job saved them millions of dollars, and it is fully operational. Plans to make the windows block out heat but let in light worked tremendously well. Many other older buildings are being renovated in much the same way as Tony Malkin did for the Empire State Building.

With the changes that they put in place in the building, they have created quite a stir, and their success is receiving much notoriety. The National Resources Defense Council says that the Empire State Building is a model of efficiency. The owner of the building has received gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating for its effort in making it more energy efficient and eco – friendly. It is also known as the tallest LEED building in the entire United States. When all their changes are completed, the building will save 38% percent in operating costs. This gives the Empire State Building a savings of over 4 million dollars per year.

Green energy is going to help make the world be a cleaner place. The use of green energy will cut down on the pollution to the world’s resources and save money for many people in the long run. Green energy is getting a lot of publicity in today’s world because of the ability to save money while creating more efficient ways to run a building. It will also save many building owners a lot of money with their operational costs, and just like the Empire State Building, their buildings will become the wave of the future. The Empire State Building is a model of using green energy to save money. Their new plans have saved them 2.4 million dollars in the very first year that they completed their changes. This is helping other building owners to also take in the green energy information and make their buildings more efficient.