Different Ways to Rid Your Home of Mice

You and your family may not be alone in your home during the winter. Certain pests also could set up house in your nice cozy home during the cold months. Pests are not fun to share your living space with, as they can leave their feces, spread diseases, and in some cases even bite you. These pests include such critters as mice, cockroaches, and spiders. We will explain how to get rid of the first one in this group in the following information.

Why a Mouse Problem is Bad for Your Home

A mouse problem is bad for your home in part because of the fecal matter left along the paths this animal travels. This critter also can transmit diseases that it picks up from other sources. In some cases, fleas can enter the house on the critter. All these things set up an unhealthy atmosphere for you and your family.

Different Ways to Get Rid of Mice

A mouse only needs a small opening to enter the house. In fact, the hole only has to be as big as a dime for this critter to crawl into your abode. Cover all entrance holes with steel wool or other material to keep the critters from being able to enter your home.

Live traps are another way of ridding your home of these rodents. You bait these traps with peanut butter or other foods to lure the rodents into them and they cannot leave them once inside. Then you take the rodents far from your house and release them into the wild. This is an ideal way to catch these critters when you are opposed to killing them.

Snap traps are another form of trapping these rodents. However, these traps kill the rodents. You then dispose of the dead body in the proper manner. Bait the traps with peanut butter, as this seems to attract these rodents better than some other foods do, and it is a bit harder for the rodents to snatch without setting off the trap.

Pets that Will Catch these Rodents

You can buy a cat to catch and kill the rodents. Cats often are used even in farm situations to keep rodents away. You also can attract natural prey to your yard in the form of owls and other large birds that will catch a mouse or two for food.

The above suggestions are all viable methods for ridding your home of mice. Do not let these critters torment you.