Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

The scary movies almost always somehow have a basement scene. Why is that? Obviously because basements are scary places. Dirt, mold, allergens, cold air and the worst of all … bugs are lurking in most basements. 

If you have an older home with a dirt floor basement, then there is very little to keep moisture from accumulating under your home within the basement walls. This environment breeds mold and bacteria that can enter into your home through the flooring and the heating and cooling system that is vented in that area of your basement. 

When your basement becomes this breeding ground for all sorts of issues, it gets into the main living spaces in your home through vents and even by being sucked into the air intake on your furnace in the winter time and literally blown right into the air you are breathing. 

Spiders, cockroaches and mice love the damp cool spaces in your basement. They will turn your basement into a place to breed. It doesn’t take long to have a house infested with spiders or other sort of bug because of the mass amount of young they produce. 

Have you also noticed that your heating and cooling bills are high? A basement that isn’t sealed well is allowing cold air into your home, causing your winter heating bills to escalate. Heat transfers and rises as cold air falls. If your attic allows air to escape and your basement allows cold air to build up and keep your floors cold, your furnace has a real hard job to do. 

Encapsulating your basement with a crawl space barrier and insulation will keep air, dampness and even bugs from entering into your home through the basement area. By effectively sealing off this part of the house, you are keeping the elements outside of your actual living space. Encapsulation of the basement itself will keep moisture from ever entering your home and your floors will also remain warmer. 

Encapsulating the flooring in a crawl space style home will keep your heating and cooling in the house where it belongs and keep the critters outdoors with Mother Nature where they belong too. 

If you suffer from allergies, the chances are that you will see a dramatic improvement in your coughing and sneezing. During certain months of the year, when allergens are typically very bad, you will notice an improvement because the indoor air quality of your home will stabilize by being sealed off.