Environmental Issues: Foam Recycling

They’re seemingly everywhere, those white cylinders with the soft-rimmed edges, for you to insert your hot beverage of choice into.  Polystyrene foam, known colloquially as Styrofoam (a trademark of Dow Chemical) has a bad reputation of being detrimental to the environment.  Now the Dart Corporation, in partnership with various local governments and businesses has found a way to repurpose polystyrene foam, http://www.homeforfoam.com/ specifically #6 foam.

The process involves taking the # 6 foam to a foam recycling plant.  The plant, using a specific process turns the polystyrene foam into little pellets, which can be repurposed into other foam-based products.

Various local governments and businesses are excited by the process and have incorporated polystyrene foam recycling into their municipality plans or business models.

Baltimore for example, has worked alongside the Dart Container Corporation to create a polystyrene foam-recycling program.  Baltimore’s Department of Public Works has set up Citizens Convenience Centers for concerned members of Baltimore to bring their foam products for recycling.  The trucks and roots do not collect #6 Foam as of yet.

Individual sanitation businesses, such as 3G1V Recycling in Florida and Styrocyclers in Georgia, have become specialized and focused in the # 6 Foam recycling business.  Other disposal and plastic companies, such as Aflex Extrusion Technologies and Pack Ship N More, both from New Jersey, have added it to their repertoire of services.

Sustainability is not the only reason to start recycling your # 6 products.  According to the Dart Container Corporation, polystyrene foam recycling is a great financial booster in terms of saving and making money, and can even help the economy.  This recycling process creates jobs: for truck drivers, chemists, engineers, and other associated specialists, giving a much needed job boom in these times.  Foam # 6 can be sold as well, for decent prices, and places that use a lot of Foam # 6 can begin to reduce the amount that they spend on garbage collection.

From an environmental and financial standpoint the recycling of polystyrene foam # 6 is becoming increasingly beneficial.  It’s likely more cities and businesses will take on this method of environmental protection.  We can only imagine what will happen next.