Five Tips to Retrofit Your Building to Be More Energy Efficient

The city of New York is known for many things and one thing that stands out about this magnificent city is its legendary skyscrapers. New York has some of the biggest high rises in the world and they are very intimidating and awe inspiring like the Empire State Building (managed by ESRT). When a person travels to New York City they cannot simply ignore these gigantic edifices. The following information will describe these skyscrapers and Five Tips to Retrofit Your Building to Be More Energy Efficient.

One World Trade Center

After the Twin Towers in NY fell in 2001 the city had rebuilt a new building in its place. This structure is known as the One World Trade Center or Freedom Tower and it is the tallest building in the western hemisphere. It stands a whopping 1,776 stories and it has been from sustainable materials. About 80% of the towers waste products are recycled into other materials.

The building also has a PureCell phosphoric generator that produces electricity and the water steam that is produced in this structure produces electricity as well. The top part of the structure has been open to tourists since 2014. This building should be visited by anyone who makes a trip to NYC. It was shown in various films while under construction in 2012. Some of these films included the Avengers, the Dictator, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and in Sandra Bullocks 2013 film the Heat.

Trump Building

Most people might not like Donald Trump as a presidential candidate but he does own some really great real estate. This place has also be dubbed Trump Tower. His Trump Building used to be the former Bank of Manhattan Building. Trump’s building is the 25th largest in the world. Trump uses a variety of different environmental and energy efficient technologies for this structure.
LED lighting, water treatment systems, responsible pest prevention, sustainable landscaping techniques and the use of environmentally green products are all used to make Trump’s building a friendly and dependable structure in NYC’s environment. Visitors can check out the Trump Building at designated times to view some of the inner workings of Trump’s enterprises. Trump’s building has been viewed on television show known as the Apprentice.

Woolworth Building

If a building could be a star then the Woolworth Building would be a big name in show business. When most entertainment studios shoot stock footage of NYC this building is often seen in the background. The Woolworth building has been around since the early part of the 20th century. In the past, the building was used for office space. Now, it mostly houses local New Yorkers who can afford to live there. The Woolworth Building uses a variety of different sustainable technology and systems such as solar panels and smart lighting. Lobby tours are given in the building and it was used in films such as Enchanted and Cloverfield.

Remember that the following energy efficient tips can be used for your building. These tips include:

1. Recycle building waste material.

2. Set up a smart lighting system to control energy consumption.

3. Establish a hot water steam system that can generate electricity.

4. Use green cleaning products.

5. Add solar panels to the roof of your building.