Goodbye, Bed Bugs

Initially, I thought I was losing my mind and imagining the small red bites/ bumps, which were all over my body. I always used to joke about bed bugs and pretend to search unfamiliar beds for the little pests, but I didn’t actually think I would ever encounter them. As soon as the red bumps became itchy and seemed as if they were multiplying, I realized this wasn’t just a made-up scenario.

I didn’t understand how bed bugs could come into my apartment when I have been living in the same unit for three years and never once had an issue. After Googling bed bugs in DC for far too long, I realized that I was the one who ironically brought these little pests into my home.

With my new job as a college recruiter, I have been traveling a lot and not always staying in the most glamorous accommodations. All of the traveling led me to bring the bed bugs from my hotel room in Wisconsin, home with me in my luggage.

At first I tried to use a product I found at the local hardware store, which was just a basic bed bug spray. This didn’t seem to be the best solution though since I was still getting bitten. The reoccurring issue led me to realize that the bed bugs were hiding in my headboard and bedroom walls, in places where they were not visible to me. I decided to go with a professional heat treatment also known as a thermal remediation, which essentially uses extreme heat to kill bed bugs. The heat is very high that the bed bugs and eggs can’t survive.

Thankfully, the heat treatment killed my unwanted houseguests and I didn’t need to take a more serious step such as fumigation. I have heard of people using fumigation, which is the most aggressive treatment and should only be used as a last straw. For now, I am going to be more cognizant when I travel and enjoy peaceful sleep once again!