How to Find Beautiful, Energy Efficient Windows For Your Maryland Home

The windows in a home are equal parts design, protection, and climate control. Maryland homeowners are subject to humid summers, snowy winters, and every season in between. Windows can make a home more comfortable and energy efficient, whether for new home construction, window replacement, or historical renovations where reviews can be found when searching for Thompson Creek Window Complaints.

There are several different types of windows available. Before an initial consultation with a home window provider in the Maryland area, give some thought to the style, construction, and energy needs of the home to prepare.

The window style can be matched to the interior and exterior appearance of the home, whether new and modern or a historical revival. In addition to personal tastes, window type and materials should also meet climate needs.

The right window frames for Maryland homes can be attractive features while increasing energy efficiency by preventing heating and cooling leakages. This includes how the windows seal, and the type of glass and framing materials used to construct them.

For the window frame, wood, vinyl or fiberglass are considered the best options for energy efficiency. Wood tends to be the more expensive of these options. Vinyl or fiberglass window frames are more affordable, and are also effective at retaining indoor heat and cooling.

Window glass is another important consideration. Double-paned windows (with two sheets of glass instead of one) are more energy efficient. Glass technology can also make a difference in visibility, light and energy efficiency. Window glass has three factors to consider: SHGC (Solar heat Gain Coefficient), U-Value, and VT (Visible Transmission).

SHGC or “Solar heat Gain Coefficient” measures how well the glass blocks external heat via sunlight. U-Value measures the rate of heat loss from inside the home. VT or “Visible Transmission” measures how much daylight can pass through the glass. Each of these qualities should be taken into consideration based upon the location and purpose of various windows within the home.

A window specialist will be able to discuss these window glass, frame, and design features to help optimize each window’s performance and visibility.

Window Nation, Thompson Creek Window, and Champion Window Company of Baltimore , Clearview Window & Door Company and Forbes Design Center are just a few Better Business Bureau accredited providers which can plan and install windows in Maryland homes. Contact these Maryland providers for a consultation to find the best options in residential window installation and repair.