How Urban Real Estate Development Is Helping NYC Neighborhoods

Urban Developers

The past has left a mark on New York City real estate with buildings like The Empire State building, the Plaza Hotel, Rockefeller Center, and St Patrick’s Cathedral. Making this a unique city to live in and visit with the sights, Broadway, shopping, a verity of restaurants and districts. City and their neighborhoods are the first to show deterioration. New York City has been one of the exciting cities known as the Big Apple but being one of the oldest cities in the country had areas that became dilapidated. This was before companies like Goldman Sachs’ Urban Investment group invested $26 million into the renovation of the Golden Heights neighborhood. This area was transformed into a trendy location for food, meetings, and corporate events.

Lower Manhattan has been revitalized into an area that produced $16.7 billion in tax revenue for the city of New York in 2015. The Carnegie Corporation, the Center for Urban Real Estate Vishaan Chakrabarti, and real estate development expert and professor at Columbia University Marc Holiday helped in the renovations in this area.

Real estate investors and developers like L&M Development Partners, Foster & Partners, Joe Sitt, Drake Design Associates and others have joined in the effort to reclaim the urban areas of the city falling into disrepair. Aby Rosen has developed a property that with a 61-story view along 100 East 53rd Street. Real estate developers all over the city involved in urban real estate development helping NYC Neighborhoods.

New York City Transportation

New York City is known for its subway systems and above ground transportation that runs 24 hours a day. Almost everyone in the city depends on this transportation because of lack of parking and traffic congestion. In the renovation of the urban areas the subway has not been overlooked. Turner Construction has taken on a project to build new concrete stairways in the subways with a modern design.

NYC is a City of Celebrities

New York has a history of celebrity interest in New York City including being a location for several movies. Actors, actresses, and musicians come to the city for the excitement, to network, sometimes for work and to live in the Big Apple. Some of the frequent visitors, new residents or long time residents include Mike Meyers, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Willis. Some that have refurbished and renovated their apartments using some of the best contractors and designers the city has to offer.