Hydraulic Fracturing Flourishes in the U.S.

Recent discoveries have revolutionized the way Americans produce and use energy. As President Obama said, “For the first time in 18 years, America is poised to produce more of our own oil than we buy from other nations.” We can now extract the energy necessary for security, comfortability and growth from directly underneath us. Hydraulic fracturing enables us to extract natural gases from wells, right here in America, creating a responsible, affordable and safe way to get the energy we need.

Though we’ve known about shale gas reserves for years, it hasn’t always been economically sound to extract the resources. In the 1990s, an oilman from Texas developed the way to extract all the resources that were locked up in the reserves, and since, America’s shale gas industry has created hundreds of thousands of jobs as well as plenty of energy. It poses very few risks, and they can be easily managed by using quality fracking tactics and property concreted well-shafts, like U.S. oil and gas organizations like Cunningham Energy, that pride themselves on doing.

Additionally, thanks to hydraulic fracturing, we are significantly less reliant on coal as a country, and using less coal creates less carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, natural gas emits half the toxins that cause environmental harm as coal does. Besides lowering our dependence on coal, we are finding alternative energy that will carry into future energy systems.

Overall, hydraulic fracturing is a promising industry. By extracting domestically, America has created both a gas boom and an economic one. As it grows, it creates more stable jobs and promises an energy-secure future for Americans. Hydraulic fracturing gives us access to the energy that we already have underneath us, and will continue to present good news about energy efficiency for Americans for years to come.