Managing Raccoons Around the Home

Living in an area that is known for harboring raccoons can create a problem in itself. Raccoons can cause serious havoc within a person’s living conditions. They will upend garbage and make themselves comfortable in, under and above your home, in unlikely areas. If you allow one raccoon to reside in or around your home, you will surely end up with a family of raccoons within a short period of time. It is wise to know how to prevent and get rid of raccoons if you live in areas where they frequently congregate.

First, and most importantly, if you discover a live raccoon in your home, do not try to capture it yourself. These animals may look nice, but in many cases, they carry rabies and have razor sharp teeth. Raccoons have been known to attack people’s dogs and have done some terrible harm to humans who have mishandled them.

Preventative Techniques
Raccoons are primarily nocturnal animals. They are quite attracted to anything that is edible. Keep garbage sealed tightly, and any containers that contain food items covered and airtight. If the raccoon cannot find food on your property, it will leave and find a place that does have food in reach.

By being nocturnal, raccoons do not like light and avoid exposure to it. If you have high powered movement lights installed, these can help keep raccoons away. These pesky creatures also are driven away quickly by human voices.

It is recommended to use a small, waterproof transistor radio, on a low volume, near your trash area. You should also use metal trash cans that will be noisy if a raccoon attempts to get in it. Place a heavy rock or object on the lid in order to weigh it down so that the raccoon will not be able to get in.

Last, but not least, put a small amount of ammonia in the areas that may be susceptible to raccoons. Raccoons strongly dislike the smell of ammonia and it will surely deter them away from your home.

Contact a Pest Professional
Yes, raccoons are cute creatures, unless they are in or around your home. Take preventative measures if your neighborhood is known for experiencing raccoons. Do not forget that if you do need one removed, it is best to contact an experienced pest control company to provide a solution rather than taking the job upon yourself.