Rain Season is Upon Us

As October quickly approaches, the temperature begins to drop, leaves crunch beneath your feet, and Instagram feeds fill up with endless apple picking pictures. This is what comes to mind for most of the country when we think about fall, what everyone forgets is about the actual weather in October.

Ignore the crunchy leaves and pumpkin pictures, it is that awkward time of the year where it is not cold enough to snow but cold enough where the precipitation does not turn into humidity. This is the short stint of the fall, where the rainy season for everywhere except the north is here.

Now what this season really means is long commutes, gutter installation, and rain jackets that nobody actually wants to wear. To help you tackle this month here are some tips.

Gutter Installation

Ensure that you get new gutters installed. As they say, “when it rains, it pours.” In order to keep your house and your sanity intact, hire a gutter installation professional to get the job done before the wet and leaf-filled season is in full swing.


Candles are a rainy day staple, amongst many, and have been proven to improve moods and also even help strengthen the body’s immune system with some scents. Laying them out in the living room or your bedroom while you are reading your favorite book and listening to the sound of rain outside is one of the best ways to conquer the rain.

Install an Electric Fireplace

Candles don’t do it for you? Go big and install an electric fireplace, no need to deal with old fashioned wood cutting. New electric fireplaces allows you to enjoy sitting next to a fire without having to deal with the fire going on and off and without having to deal with the wet firewood if you didn’t receive the wood before the storm.