Recycling Polystyrene Foam is the Future

Polystyrene is commonly used by manufacturers because it is cost effective provides protection to packaged goods. In addition, companies use the expanded polystyrene to hold food and beverages. Bike helmets are even lined with polystyrene to cushion riders from getting serious head injuries during accidents.

Companies are able to save millions of dollars each year due to the use of polystyrene. Which is just one reasons the potential foam bans, like a Kentucky foam ban, should be forgotten as a course of action. After all, due to its popularity, the foam industry is able to supply jobs across the country. Instead of making folks lose their jobs, we should instead be committed to finding better ways to recycle polystyrene foam.

Expanded polystyrene can be recycled which makes it resourceful and versatile. The Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers estimates that 56 million pounds of polystyrene are recycled every year. That number is very high considering that 98 percent of the foam is air.

There are a number of methods that people can use to recycle polystyrene.

Individuals can find a local drop off site in the phone book or at However, should contact local recycling centers first to determine what form is accepted. For instance, some sites may take expanded Polystyrene foam that is used for packaging goods, but not containers for medical and food industries. Labels, tape, and plastic film should be removed from any foam that is being dropped off at a recycling site.

Mail back programs, such as the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers, exist for people who either do not have a recycling center in their area or find it inconvenient to get to a site. Large Polystyrene foam pieces should be broken down into small units so that it fits in the shipping box properly.

People should also consider reusing polystyrene. For example, packing peanuts may easily be reused by transferring them from one package into another package that needs to be shipped. UPS and other shipping stores also accept Polystyrene foam donations.

Foam products are affordable and durable. They reduce costs for small and medium-sized businesses and offers them versatility. Companies can save money by using Polystyrene foam. As a result, products can have a higher level of quality since the money saved by using expanded polystyrene can be put towards improving goods. Also, companies that use foam for packing can feel confident that the chances of products being damaged during shipping will be greatly reduced. Many businesses rely on Polystyrene foam and since it can be recycled and reduced it can have a positive impact on the economy. Polystyrene can have a positive impact on businesses today and in the future.