U.S. Companies Reduce Environmental Impact with Horizontal Drilling

Oil is a vital commodity that a society needs in order to survive and thrive. This important commodity is what makes it possible to make gasoline, petroleum products, diesel fuel, and much more. On the bright side, oil drilling companies are now using an environmentally friendly method called horizontal drilling. By drilling into the ground horizontally, a far smaller portion of the earth is affected. This means far less toxic fumes in the air, less impact on life, and more untouched ground. Many companies across the U.S. are now starting to use horizontal drilling.

Even many environmentalist groups are supporting this new type of drilling. Not only is horizontal drilling less harmful, but it’s also far more effective than conventional drilling methods. Before horizontal drilling was discovered, oil rigs using vertical drilling were limited on how far they could drill, due to the crust’s extreme conditions. On the other hand, horizontal drilling dramatically raises this limit. With horizontal drilling, far more natural resources such as oil can be reached. “Resources that were once only accessible with 10 or 12 rigs” can now be obtained with one single rig, thanks to horizontal drilling. Tons of money will be saved since less oil rigs will have to be built, which can costs millions to billions of dollars each. Drilling also costs money, as it requires a lot of energy. However, instead of having the expense of 10 oil rigs drilling, only one will be needed to acquire the same amount of resources, cutting costs down to a fraction.

With more access to oil, revenues will rocket and help the economy. This convenient and extremely efficient drilling technology could very likely lower gas prices since drilling costs will be drastically reduced, raising profits. People of all types will be impacted by the great benefits of horizontal drilling. As time goes on, more companies will realize the effectiveness of this method and start using it. In fact, privately owned energy provider Cunningham Energy is already using this technology, like many other companies are. This new advanced drilling system will change the future of oil, the ecosystem, and the economy for the better.